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Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Ninja Pirate
Location Minneapolis, MN, United States
Introduction People either hate me or love me, there is no in between. Most people love me and find me entertaining at the very least. I can drink an exceptional amount of booze and bring legitimate good times wherever I go. Sometimes I like to say innapropriate things just to see people's reactions. I think average or "normal" is overated and that being ordinary is one of the worst disservices a person can do themselves. I crank this out, much like a redneck cooks up a loved batch of meth in the bathroom of his trailer. Enjoy... it will be just as addictive, like meth, only you get to keep your teeth!
Interests existentialism, jingling my house keys at hobos, unicorns, yoga, weaving a tapestry of obscenities, hockey, highlander, dancing in the rain, drinking games, Legos.
Favorite Music atreyu, smashing pumpkins, foo fighters, breaking benjamin, pussifer, blue oyster cult, chevelle, brand new, puddle of mudd, led zepplin, nine inch nails, johnny cash, everclear, tool, a perfect circle, smile empty soul, taproot, staind, audioslave, the white stripes, flogging molly, silverchair, theory of a deadman, dropkick murphys, neurosonic, taking back sunday, weezer, local h, idlewild, eve 6, the almost, shinedown, rage against the machine, paramore, portishead, incubus, seether
Favorite Books kaftka, aldous huxley, stephen colbert, tim dorsey, carl hiassen, dorothy parker, thomas paine, sylvia plath, gregory maguire, chuck palahniuk, kurt vonnegut, dean koontz, stephen king, james patterson, kathy reichs, charles bukowski, ee cummings, ann rice

Your people want to make a statue in your honor. What will it be made out of and what victory will it commemorate?

it would be made of bronze (because that is the metal that makes my boobs look the best) and it would commemorate my many victories from back in 'Nam, when i trudged through the rice paddies to save you ungrateful bastards from communism.