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Location New York, New York
Introduction I am a writer. And has-been lawyer. And wife. And mother of two impossibly cute and endlessly exhausting girls (Toddler and Baby) who have blue eyes (I won't show you) and boys' names (I won't tell you) just like their mom. Husband is a handsome and humble and happy soul who keeps me sane and smiling (which is no small feat). I am the middle of five sisters (yes, same parents, yes, all Dalton and all Yale). I was born and raised on the Upper West Side of Manhattan where I still (and venture to say will always) live. My apparent need to announce my alma maters (and the cuteness of my kids) is hard evidence of deep and ever-evolving insecurities I have heretofore worked hard to hide. I spend my days trying (and failing) to push the Bugaboo with one hand and work my beloved BlackBerry with the other, plucking stray Cheerios from the carpet, and lingering at Starbucks watching all of you order your coffees, worrying if I am a good wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, citizen of the world (oh, and writing too).