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Introduction Mimi Salleh, found out in 2000 that being 'involuntary single' in her late 20s, not an easy journey. There were no resources (books or center) for singles to seek guidance on how to enrich their life as singles & at the same time not feeling guilty for being single at the age where all their friends are creating nest. For 3 years, Mimi read lots of books & experimenting the self-help techniques on herself. She soon realized, why changed alone when she could share the techniques to fellow singles. In 2004,her first book "Bujang OK: Peluang Menjadi Yang Terbaik & Mendapat Yang Terbaik" was self-published. Followed by "Bujang OK Sure Kaya" in 2005 and "Rahsia Bujang OK Senang Dapat Kerja" in 2006. Each books, cater to a specific needs or dreams that each singles can achieve in life. And all, can be summed up to one life style => BUJANG OK: Be the Best You Can Be & Live Life to the Fullest
Interests To encourage Malaysian singles to be the best they can be & live life to the fullest. In doing so they will achieve the best in live