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Occupation Full Time Student
Location Northeast
Introduction My parents always said "remember to look for the wonder in life" and I try to keep that in mind every day. Medicine and the human body fascinate me and frustrate me; there is so much to know and so little time for me to learn it in. I used to say that if all else failed I'd become a recluse and teach yoga in the woods. After being out of practice for a few years and trying to jump back into it, it's evident that I'm going to have to pick something else to fall back on, at least until I regain my flexability. I knit. All the time. No, really. I knit in class, I knit on public transportation, I knit in coffeehouses, while in coversations with people, while watching movies/tv and while studying. They don't let me knit during tests which is too bad; I'd probably have a much higher average if they'd let me. (medstudentwhoknits at yahoo dot com)
Interests Knitting, medicine