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Gender Female
Industry Engineering
Occupation MOM OF 5
Location Idaho, United States
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Introduction I am thirty something Mamma of 6 lively and entertaining children.(That's including my husband)I have been known to have a snarky side which I use on a daily basis to save my sanity. I am slightly awkward and have a habit of over sharing my life and rambling when nervous. My kids think I am the coolest Mom ever because I sometimes let them eat ice cream for breakfast. I am a home schooling mamma that believes that skinny jeans are the work of the devil,have been known to be a especially gifted napper.I am a horrible speller and to make matters worse my N key is broken and only works sometimes, I have a hard time asking others for help,I think that children should own more books than stuffed animals.
Interests Home schooling, Canning, baking, Camping, snowboarding, hunting.
Favorite Movies Notebook, Pride and prejudice, Anne of green gables, Cold Mountain.
Favorite Music Jack Johnson, Mumford, and the Avett Brothers
Favorite Books Little women, Pride and prejudice and anything by Shannon Hale.

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