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Occupation Love Bucket
Location Westwood, California, United States
Introduction I may be a Russian Blue. (Some add "Mix", others, don't care!) / Names I respond to: Monkey-Bunkey, Schmagel, Schmaig, Detty-Bitty Boo Boo, Pa-Pa, Stwetchy-Stwetch and Slice / Things I love: Playing in my tent, and when I get random bursts of energy, I enjoy running around a gazillion miles an hour with no where to go in our tiny apartment. I'm nuts and love it! I don't particularly care for getting my face wet when drinking water and I'm not too into my new little sister (she need not be named). I'm not afraid to say I'm extremely photogenic. Also, my Mommy's been told many times that I'm the friendliest kitten ever!
Interests I love Zip-ties, ribbon, string, fish'g line, mice, and shoe strings. Even better than that is the Zip-tie attached to ribbon-tied to string-tied to fish'g line-tied to mouse-attached to another mouse-tied to shoe string all dipped in catnip! Zoom!! I love going out with Mommy in my Carrier and/or Stroller and riding around in the car is cool!