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Industry Transportation
Occupation Paper gnome + canned biologist
Location Gothenburg, Sweden
Introduction Gawdäämn rubbertreehugger
Interests Biology & some art. Please visit and make good use of my Link Orgy: http://ratexla.blogspot.com/search/label/linkorgy
Favorite Movies Lunch with Charles, Gladiator, Terminator 1-2, Pulp fiction, Thelma & Louise, An inconvenient truth, Earthlings, The wild blue yonder, Fast Food Nation, Ben X, The black stallion 1-2, An awfully big adventure, Quills, Divorcing Jack, Moulin Rouge, Lord of the rings 1-3, Titanic, Harry Potter 4-5, Down with love, Something the Lord made, Blow dry, Trainspotting, Leon, Elephant, Bend it like Beckham, Borat, Snowcake, Shark tale, Ali G indahouse, Lock stock and two smoking barrels, Alexander, Shot in the face, Sällskapsresan 2-3, Priest, Robocop 1-2, Dances With Wolves, Chicken run, Hot shots 1-2, Shakespeare in love, Fucking Åmål, Indiana Jones 1-3, About a boy, Chain of fools, Sliding doors, Ace Ventura 1-2, Sense and sensibility, The naked gun 1-3, Die hard 1 & 3, Spy hard, will watch "any" Cosy British Film/horse movie/sick comedy/Aspie movie
Favorite Music Nine Inch Nails, blackbirds, chaffinches, ravens, Gianna Nannini, Robbie Williams, U2, TweИty-Two PoiИt Eighty-Six CeИtimeter Иails, Hans Zimmer, Aerosmith, Saul Williams, Texas, Simple Minds, Savage Garden, Tori Amos, Marilyn Manson, Alanis Morissette, possibly any project on which Trent Reznor breathes, Bryan Adams, Nordman, Robert Miles, A bunch of others whom I trust less, Spooky fact #40000: Me first fave artist Gianna Nannini has like 3 NIN:s in her name.
Favorite Books The future of life (Edward O. Wilson), The call of the wild (Jack London), The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy (Douglas Adams), Harry Potter 1-7 (JK Rowling), Collapse (Jared Diamond), Pet Sematary (Stephen King), Pope Joan (Donna Woolfolk Cross), The green mile (Stephen King), Journey to the centre of the Earth (Jules Verne), The shining (Stephen King), On the beach (Nevil Shute), Unweaving the rainbow (Richard Dawkins), The God delusion (Richard Dawkins), The selfish gene (Richard Dawkins), The world without us (Alan Weisman), Ronja Rövardotter (Astrid Lindgren), Conservation (Clive Hambler), The alchemist (Paulo Coelho), Go ask Alice (Anonymous), Bröderna Lejonhjärta (Astrid Lindgren), Misery (Stephen King), Manchester United ruined my life (Colin Shindler), Perfume: The story of a murderer (Patrick Süskind), The da Vinci code (Dan Brown), Trainspotting (Irvine Welsh), Dog stories (James Herriot), 1984 (George Orwell)

Well, maybe they don't need them, but don't you think that some fish might like a bicycle?

Yes, the bikes might make great artificial reefs in time. But let's remove the oily parts before we dump them.