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Industry Engineering
Introduction This account is really just so I can post in the reprap blogs. I run the perth reprap blog at my website free as in steins.(get the joke my fellow open source fans?) the website is www.freeasinsteins.com I'm currently working on a reprap that is based on a bits from bytes v 2.01 using gen 2 sanguino electronics. My other projects related to the reprap are based around a reprappable turntable system to be the basic hardware for a 3d scanner. This is actually already designed and makes total sense on paper from my designs. I just need to get it actually drawn in 3d models(gears are annoying to get right I've found). It will use a single DC motor and DC motor driver coupled with an arduino using the laser pointer and wineglass method. The other project I've conceived is combining ZachSmith peristaltic pump design with viks pressurised paste extruder. The pump will supply the material as well as the pressure, while maintaining the reservour-solenoid method vik chose to keep things nice and steady.
Interests reprap, the Perth hacklab