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Industry Student
Occupation 8th grade homeschooler
Location alabama
Introduction my name is jennie - spelled with an I-E. not jenny. JENNIE. =) i'm 13 years old.
i'm a follower of Christ and i'm reformed. i go to a small-ish baptist church somewhere in the murky depths of alabama. =)
just so you know, i have a slightly twisted sense of humor. i try not to be cynical, but, um. sometimes i am. =p sorry.
i love to read. good books. c.s. lewis, j.r.r. tolkien, etc.
i've played the piano for 5 years now. i like to draw and make attempts at poetry also.
Interests Jesus, animals, good books, art, poetry, photography, music, crimson tide, nerd stuff, video games, books, piano, classical music, food, food network, discovery channel, reading
Favorite Movies napoleon dynamite, lord of the rings, star wars, back to the future, the lion the witch & the wardrobe, fireproof, horton hears a who, up, wall-e, pride & prejudice (BBC version)
Favorite Music classical, classic country, songs, hymns, spiritual songs, and... that's pretty much it. top 40 fails.
Favorite Books j.r.r. tolkien, c.s. lewis, erin hunter, mark twain, randy alcorn, charles dickens, jane austen, john piper

What's the most amount of sand you've ever had in your swimming trunks?

way too much.