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Location Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
Introduction Hello! Thank you for stopping by! I am an avid cyclist living in Eastern Iowa. I am also a self taught artist who dabbles in poetry too. I've recently been using watercolor and ink for my art but have also done oil painting too. Please leave a comment, I would love to hear any feedback that you may have.
Interests Cycling, Oil painting, Running, Cycling, Drawing, Cycling, Writing poetry, Swimming, Cycling, Reading, Cycling, Cooking, Cycling, Hiking, Cycling, and quite a few others (often outdoors and with a bicycle in tow)
Favorite Music Everything but twangy country music---sorry there's only so many times your wife can leave you, your truck can break down, and the dog can die.

Well, maybe they don't need them, but don't you think that some fish might like a bicycle?

Yes! They could have a bicycling school! But then I maybe just a little overboard on this bicycling thing? 5000 miles in a year on a bike does that to you.