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Introduction Kris Hemensley here.About me? Give me enough rope...! Present life I sit at the counter (call it the desk) at Collected Works Bookshop (level 1, 37 Swanston street, Melbourne, 3000),situated in the wonderful art deco Nicholas Building in the cultural hub of the city. Shane Maloney said to me the other Saturday, So you sell books. Hmm, no, I said: I sit at the desk, listen to my music, read, write in my journal, occasionally scribble ("my writing"), and very occasionally sell a book. He laughed. Like me, he said : I'm a writer but I sit at my desk, pick my nose, do everything but write... For the record though,I'm poet (mostly), avoiding publication (long & complicated story). I should add that the email for Collected Works Bookshop is either via the blog, or Let 'em roll! The Shop phone number is 03 9654 8873; phone orders welcome... This blog is a projection of my own literary activities & interests, with those of Collected Works Bookshop (which is the only new-books poetry specialist in Australasia). Family & friends are included within this conflation (or confabulation as you wish).
Favorite Movies I was watching HAPPY HOUR tonight before resuming "work" on this. But I'm no longer a buff. I dont have favourites. Have to think about it! (14/11/09) : Could add Woody Allan, Losey's Accident, um, Groundhog Day...
Favorite Music Oh, too much, too much. If not Noel Coward then the school of Ralph V.Williams. Then there's jazz, rocknroll, folk...
Favorite Books Same problem as the music question. Different books at different times of my life. And then the rereading either confirms or spoils the league table. Pass.