A Peculiar Person

About me

Location New York, United States
Introduction My name is Paula Casill and I am first and foremost a Christian woman. I started this blog with a very specific vision. I want to reach beyond my personal circle of family and friends with the words of encouragement and faith that God has given me. I don't claim to be special, or to have some unique revalation. I'm just an "ordinary" Christian woman who has realzed that in God there's no such thing as ordinary. He has called each of us to lead an extra-ordinary life. Living in pursuit of that call is what defines me ... So read, enjoy, and be blessed. But if these words touch, teach, or encourage you then please make sure to pass them on to someone else!
Interests The Bible, Jesus Christ, Christianity, Church, Discipleship, Encouragement, Evangelism, Faith, Gentleness, Giving, Glory, Grace, God, Goodness, Holy Spirit, Inspiration, Intercession, Joy, Love, Patience, Peace, Prayer, Prophesy, Sancification, Scripture, Truth, The Call, The Way, Writing, Publishing, Books
Favorite Books The Bible, God's Armorbearer, Good Morning Holy Spirit, The Art of Prayer, What You Do Best in the Body of Christ