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Introduction "There was a huge sound of a collision then, like a toppling mountain, and then a vast ringing as if a thousand blacksmiths were beating on their anvils. We looked again and—dear God alive!—the Elector's men were all down and trampled like a wheat field scoured by a hurricane, and they… the husaria… were already far beyond them, with lance pennons flickering…" Henryk Sienkiewicz, The Deluge / Poland's Husaria symbolize those who have, throughout history, stood between Civilization and barbarism as King Jan Sobieski's army did at Vienna (12 September, 1683). The Husaria also symbolize advanced military science and tactics that were probably not surpassed until the late nineteenth century, as shown by Sienkiewicz's descripton of what tended to happen to anyone--even Swedish pike and musket formations--whom they caught in the open, outside of field fortifications. This Web log adapts the thought process behind the Husaria to the political arena.
Favorite Books Anything written by Henryk Sienkiewicz, Tom Clancy, or Bernard Cornwell