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Occupation Chief cook, bottle washer, launderer, chauffeur, teacher, first aid attendant, cleaner, mitigator and moderator, referee, judge, jury and executioner! In short, Mommy.
Location United States
Introduction I'm a 40 year old mother of three little ones! Well, two BIG ones and a little one. :D There's no point me mentioning ages as I'll have to update every month, suffice it to say I've a teen, a pre teen and a baby!! :D We homeschool our children, but are very loosely structured. Too structured to be unschoolers, to loose to be home "schoolers" so we wiggle along in the middle there. I love to write but rarely allow myself the time to do it so when I get chance, this is where the magic happens... this and Examiner.com where I occasionally write an article or two and the Lincoln Journal's Star City Sports magazine where I write every few months. I hope you enjoy reading my infrequent and rambling posts as much as I enjoy writing them :D