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Gender MALE
Occupation Polysomnography
Location Phoenix, Arizona
Introduction Just the basics. I am 50 in this life expression yet I know my soul is very ancient. I am 6’4” 245lbs, with dark brown hair and brown eyes. I was truly opened up in 1991 during a motorcycle accident. Were my body was so traumatized my heart stopped and I was clinically dead twice. But i was then defibrillated to restart my heart. It was during the time I was outside the physical limitations of the body that I was shown a great many things and most were right here on earth with us. No tunnel, no light or even music. Just an incredibly enhanced view of our small planet and all of it inhabitants both seen with the eye and the unseen. Fourteen facial surgeries later and I look mostly normal. I guess what is really comes down to is, To know that you are on the right path. To learn and do the best I can to help that cause or anyone that needs my help.
Interests Flying, Writing, Singing and painting. I will come back to this one. hhehehehehehehe
Favorite Movies Top ten fav's What the bleep do we know anyway, Star wars, Blade runner, Rod Taylor The Time machine, To sir with love, Lady Hawk. Contact, Close encounters of the 3rd kind, Field of Dreams and Starman.
Favorite Music Constance Dembe. Andreas Vollenwieder. Enya. Yanni. Almost all types of Music for meditation
Favorite Books Outside the universe. Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance. Yargo.