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Gender MALE
Location Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Introduction I just like painting 25/28mm figures. I like painting them a lot and spend a lot of time doing so. Age 50+. Always keen to learn and improve for my own personal satisfaction. I’m not really a collector and only wargame occasionally. Once I’ve painted the miniatures I move on to next with great relish. I tend to sell the figures I have painted then re-invest in the hobby. I DON’T paint to order or take commissions. I simply paint figures to my satisfaction and then offer them for sale as and when. 'Olddorg' comes from my college days when certain (more mature) students were regularly referred to as ‘you old dog’ with a rolling ‘orrrg’ – giving olddorg. I liked this reference at the time and thought it appropriate to use here. The pic is from the film ‘Cromwell’ poster and is where it all started for me back in the day!