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Industry Human Resources
Location Royal Of City , Klang , Malaysia
Introduction I dOn'T caRe wIt pEoPlE wHo'S aLwaYs taLkInG bEhInD mY bAcK. uR wOrDs iS nOt vaLuE fOr mE. StaLk mY PaGe? dOn't wAsTe u'R tiMe. tHeRe's nOtHiNg iNsIdE fOr yOu? mY FrIeNds uSe tO cAlL mE Bie @ Put3
Interests LoVe tO LAugh - LoUdly if sme1 kNow hOw To tAckLe mY hEaRt. Love ONly sOme1 mAke me remEmBer ... & ... ONly. ANd I aSsure yOu Im Not soMboNg! yeAh! I sMile and seriOusLy doWn to eArTh. FAitHFul FriEnd & LoVer. Im nOboDy, Not pErfect, NuthIng SImpLe. DarInG & FiRm. Im nEver peRfect & Im aLwaYs me. yeAh! On My wAy. ITs fuNny I aCtuaLly reAlizEd hOw n wHat I am. ImMa HIgh coNsciOus tyPe I guEsS.. SOmeBodY underStand mE in my liFe & joB.GiVe & tAke, shAre tHeiR lifE wiTh me 2gEtheR..n Da imPorTance Thing ..MaKe mE SmiLe AlwAys.. :)