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Industry Fashion
Occupation Independent Jewelery Designer
Location New York City
Introduction Mariam Aryai Rivera is my name...and these are the tales of a jewelery designer chasing antiques, children and dreams. Welcome, I wish I could offer you a warm cup of tea with honey, and play us some sweet tunes. I'm from New York City, I design and handcraft jewelry for those intrigued by the past, its stories, people and secrets. All my work is created in a loving environment across from one of the oldest, historic, Victorian cemeteries in the city, that was founded as a result of overcrowding dead bodies in the downtown burial grounds from typhoid, cholera and smallpox. I'm sure this coincidence has influence on my aesthetic a bit. All my work is crafted from antique and vintage elements and are one of a kind or with few exceptions, extremely limited edition. My environmental policy is clear I hope- reduce, reuse, rejuvenate. xoxox
Interests my babies. my soulmate (husband). my community. my family. my work. art. frida kahlo, dali, gustav name a few... music. documentaries. travel... the world. (that i aspire to trek across.) decay. the turn of the 19th century. revolutions. uprisings. ancient life. ancient tales. ancient people.
Favorite Movies Crooklyn, The Birdcage, Why WE Fight, Usual Suspects, Marmoolak, Bottle Rockets, V for Vendetta, Nine Star Hotel, Ferris Buler's Day Off, Old School, Semi Pro, Like Water For Chocolate, Talladega Nights, Half Baked, Buena Vista Social Club, El Hombre Que Cobiava, City of God, Baghdad Cafe, Promises, The Life Aquatic, Royal Tannebaums, The Color Purple, Frida, Amor Es Perros, Y Tu Mama Tambien, In The Valley of Elah, Slingshot Hip Hop, Moulin Rouge, DOCUMENTARIES---that's what I do, DOCUMENTARIES...I could watch them nonstop
Favorite Music Wow...I love music, I loooove music, I adore funk, James Brown, jazz, I love REAL garbage Hot 97 for me, I prefer WeFunk...I looove Salsa, Bachata, Plena, Son...La Lupe, Buena Vista Social Club...folk rock and other things I don't know how I came to find like The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I love Arabic and Persian music, Azeri and Kurdish folk songs, Turkish Arabesque, I have Putamayo tracks in heavy rotation. I basically love music...period!
Favorite Books Like Water For Chocolate, 1000 Years of Solitude, The Kite Runner, Things Fall Apart, 1000 Splendid Suns, The Prophet, Love in the Time of Cholera. So many more.

The love potion you made tastes terrible. How will you drink it?

i would never drink a love potion, i'm all about fate. wink*