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Gender MALE
Occupation Monster
Location The Lab, Crete
Introduction I am a bit of a celebrity. You see, I have pretty famous parents. My mother is Pasiphaƫ, one of the daughters of Helios, who if you haven't heard is that bright ball of fire burning in your sky everyday, aka THE SUN. Yeah, my Granddad is kind of a big deal. My natural father is The Cretan Bull created by the God Poseiden, and my step father was Minos, the King of Crete. I guess Minos and I never got on that well, but I still spent my boy-calf years in his palace until puberty hit and I developed my blood-thirst. Granddad's gifts made sure no one could kill me, but it was decided that I would have to live alone in my Lab as to limit my violence against humans. Since Daedalus and I finished construction on the Lab I have resided here. I pass the time in many ways. I have practiced the arts, both martial and fine. I love homesteading, naturalism, ornithology, reading and writing, and playing my pan-flute. Now I have the internet, and I can blog. What a charmed life this monster has lived!
Interests Brutality.
Favorite Music The harp has a nice sound, and I like the pan-flute, but bird's chirping and owls hooting is my most favorite music.