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Introduction For the past 35 years I have been enjoying listening to music and paying attention to sound quality nearly as long. My very first sound system (Xmas 1976) was a Sound Linear turntable, a Jelco cart that was soon replaced by a 35$ Shure, an Akai AA-1010 receiver and a pair of no name 2-way speakers. At first I was in Heaven but of course a few years later I got bitten by the Audiophile bug and you know the story too well...I had to upgrade in order to stay hi. Two Technics SL-1710 served time during my heavy disco mixing period. Eventually around 1987 this gave way to a respectable audiophile entry kit sporting a Rega Planar3/RB300 and Grado M+ cart, a Conrad-Johnson PV6 preamp, Sugden P28 power amp and a pair of Rega-Camber 2.5 speakers on stands. The latter would yield it's place to the Apogee Stage (+ sandfilled bases) planar/ribbon dipoles in spring 1990. Around 2000, I got involved in Loudspeaker Design and Sound Mastering for mainly independant music labels which by the way are not that far apart in that both can be viewed as sound manipulation or phrased differently, voicing. Oh, and I always wear ear protection at loud concerts and my occasional drumming.