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Gender MALE
Location United States
Introduction Insatiabear: Portmanteau of the words "insatiable" (for reasons you'll see here) and "bear".

Panserbjørne: Armored bear.

Panserbjørne, appearing in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, are a race of intelligent, tool-using polar bears that forge their own armor for use in war.

No, I'm not a furry, nor am I the "bear" sexual type. I just find the panserbjørne interesting enough to use as an online identity.

This weblog was created to house my musings on love, sex, and relationships. All names are aliases, but otherwise there are no holds barred here. I welcome comments and emails from any readers who may stumble across it. You can reach me at [insatiabear [AT] gmail {DOT} com].

A final disclaimer: I am not, nor am I associated with, the person writing under the handle "Insatiabear" on Wordpress. That blog was created in late 2011 and I've been here since 2009.