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Occupation full time mama of 6 great kidlets
Introduction From the moment that I read Ella Enchanted I realized that was me to some degree. But I am so blessed to live this eNCHaNTeD life!!! I live my life for my 6 kids and Superman Husband of 15 years. I love people and believe we can learn a lot from and inspire each other. I'm just tryin to figure out how to do it all. I love to hear new ideas, and new ways of looking at things. Join me as I figure things out and let me know what works for you.
Interests I have a lot of interests, I will do them eventually just gotta let the kids grow up a bit. The things I am currently doing: writing in a blog(obviously) family, family and more family, friends, thinking about organizing, crocheting, making homemade glass beads, spending time with my husband, and going on dates with each kid individually, excercising, making homemade wheat bread, making old things beautiful. Things I hope to do someday: travel the states and beyond, see different places, go hiking, get tough enough to do the rim to rim at the Grand Canyon, if I'm tough enough to do that then I'll just hafta run a marathon or two, make quilts, learn to knit and knit beautiful sweaters, make beautiful jewelery with my homemade beads, publish my ode to Levi and make it a children's book, go to school to become a counselor or therapist for Youth Programs, especially the DRA, and then go on the road and be a motivational speaker, put a pretty red color in my hair, keep my house clean, build a new house of our design, and be the best mother, sister, daughter and friend ever. But above all of that I want to become more like our Savior and that will lay the foundation of becoming the best mom etc.
Favorite Movies The Ultimate Gift, Enchanted, The Court Jester, Elf
Favorite Music I used to think I would always stay up with the latest music, but not since the only radio station I can get is Classic Rock or Country, so I listen to Butt Rock a lot and it doesn't help that my husband is a big Butt rocker. (did I just say big butt? can I say that on here? lol) I must say though, I do not like hard heavy metal, can't stand to listen to the whole song, maybe a guitar rift or two, and then it needs to be turned off. But I also like musicals and yes I do hear some of the top 10 every once in a while, I also like easy listening and churchy, except the movie church ones when they make the Hymns into a rock song, or slow dancing ones. Hearing those songs once is enough.
Favorite Books I like books that I can put down, or books that are inspiring or motivating, spiritual. I get on kicks when I read a series like Harry Potter or the Tennis Shoes books, but when a book is hard to put down or the story line is slow I just end up not reading those kind very often. The book I read on and off is "The Parenting Breakthrough" by Merrilee Browne Boyack, good book, and also "Thoughts of a Grasshopper" by Louise Plummer. And as always the Book of Mormon.