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Location New York City, New York, United States
Introduction Everything the religious right wing is against, I am for! (Well, almost everything.) I'm for gay rights, women's rights (including abortion rights), church-state separation, and the rights of nonmainstream religions and subcultures. I also oppose "Satanic panic" and keep an eye out for same. And I'm a theistic Satanist. I've been a Satanist since 1991. In the early-to-mid 1990's I had a column in an occult zine Abrasax. Since late 2002 I've had a website devoted to theistic Satanism. I also run some local groups that meet here in New York City.
Interests Black Goat Cabal, Church of Azazel, church-state separation, computers, counter-evangelism, gay rights, math, new york city, nonmainstream subcultures, occult, paganism, philosophical conversation, political activism, religious freedom, satanism, science, theistic satanism