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Industry Tourism
Occupation ghid
Location City of Clouds, Terra Aurica, Iceland
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Introduction "Wake up you sleepers, rise from the dead and KRIST(The Cosmic Wisdom) will shine on you"(Eph.5:14) GET OUT OF F E A R ( False Evidence Appearing Real) ...The Glory of God that is within rather A PEACEFUL- SILENT KNOWINGNESS OF THE SIMPLE TRUTH...which lies in the Center of ANY CYCLONE...(...)... When you AWAKE from this illusion they call "life" or "death"... then YOU KNOW WHY...:)... =Nothing Real can be threatened- 'cuz-Nothing Unreal Exists- Herein lies the Peace of God= TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE …BUT FIRST IT WILL UPSET YOU… WAKE UP! ZALMOS [my name means this: “zal”= galactic-sun (in old dacian ) and “mos”= old …Well, “sal” (sole -soul)means local-sun and “man”= man(yes, I AM an old white solarian spirit of an Adam Kadmon(the Universal Man) species in the Order of Melchizedek)]