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Gender Male
Location Vermont, United States
Introduction Bashful Bob is an aging dyspeptic misanthrope who lives in the wilds of Vermont. I would love to be near the amenities of civilization, but whenever I go to a populated area I realize there are far worse places than Vermont. I would also love to move south as I'm really tired of snow and cold weather.
Interests Movies;music; books.
Favorite Movies The Third Man, La Strada, Children of Paradise, The Blue Angel, Harold and Maude, All That Jazz, The Wild Bunch
Favorite Music Old Country, Grand Opera, blues, 50s pop, 10, 000 Maniacs, The Clash, Bob Dylan, Donovan, Van Morrison
Favorite Books JR, The Wind in the Willows, George Ade, Peter De Vries, Max Schulman.

If tin whistles are made of tin,what are foghorns made of?