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Location Sleepy Little Beach Town in Socali
Introduction I am sarcastically known by my friends as Queen Isa and the kingdom from which I rule is a small villa... ok, so it's really a little beach cottage and guest house, but villa sounds much nicer -- especially because of the terrible shape that it's in. But not for long! We bought this broken down diamond in the rough and this blog started as a journey about the renovation and life that happens along the way.

Permanent Regal Residents include Poor Tired Husband, Royal Sonshine (who really rules the roost) and my adorable Huskies -- Thing1 and Thing2.

If I'm not knee-deep in a project ... or 10 ... you can usually find me in one of a few predictable places - my studio, one of our gardens, in the kitchen, out surfing, perusing local funky antique shops and/or estate sales, off painting, welding, refinishing or repurposing something, somewhere with my nose in yet another book, scratching pen to paper, or laying in the hammock (mulling over endless possible future projects) basking within the gorgeous California sun, delicious ocean breezes and being grateful for the simple joys of life.