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Introduction Haaai o3o My name is Rebecca... and imma artist. >:) OK so um... I LOOOVE anime and manga, plus music (Vocaloid YES <3), like those 3 things are my whole life (along with drawing but that's already second nature to me soooo....) Eeeem let's see... My 3 FAVE crack pairings are... L x DL (Link x Dark Link), AkuRoku, and ACK (my own OC pairing). I also like Red x Blue (Link), and Kaito x Len. ;9 (Yes I like shonen-ai/yaoi...) My fave games? LOZ and KH, if it wasn't obvious. ._.lll I LOOOVE to fantasize, I fantasize about something every single night... but recently it's just been thinking about a certain someone... >///<' So I'm working towards publishing a manga with my OCs... need to get better at drawing first, but the story is all there and it's AWESOME. :D Well in my opinion anyways... >.<' So um, that's all for now unless I think of anything else, um... yah bai. :D PS-My icon? Yes, yes I did that. PSS-If you have IE (Internet Explorer) then you should be hearing 'My Sanctuary' from Kingdom Hearts. It doesn't play in FireFox or Google Chrome, however, sorry. (Not sure 'bout other browsers.)
Favorite Movies The Sound of Music
Favorite Music Anything... o.o
Favorite Books The ones I read... :B

The love potion you made tastes terrible. How will you drink it?

The love potion I made tastes terrible... so how will I drink it? Um... o_o ... Add chocolate. >: O And a hint of anime. ;)