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Location Bastrop, Texas
Introduction The obligatory who I am: Former Navy SEAL, Former Air Force PJ, Former Captain/Paramedic Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue, Former Smokejumper
Interests This blog is specifically intended to expose former Sergeant Rick Torres murdering Jason Wilkinson. In addition Rick orchestrated a plot to frame me for a murder-for-hire plot in order to save himself from having to testify regarding him murdering Jason. This is my KILL SWTICH. If anything should happen to me, know that I am not suicidal and I don't want to harm anyone. If I wind up dead, read my book, use it as evidence and demand the prosecution of the perpetrators.
Favorite Movies Rick Torres is a wet-worker (government paid assassin). He murdered Earl Cossey to silence him due to Earl's involvement in the False Flag DB Cooper hijacking.

Did you know the Kareem v. Haspel case gives the President a license to kill any American without a trial if he ties it to "national security?"