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Location Cedar Hills, Utah, United States
Introduction Here is our fam, just me, Steve, and little baby Emmry. Steve's always on the go and I am constantly attempting to keep up. Luckily he has me to remind him to eat, sleep, and take five min. to just sit! For an update: Steve is an Appraiser and loves,loves,loves his job (to the point of borderline obsession). As for me I graduated on May 1st with a Masters of Social Work. I am currently working at Project Reality as a mental health therapist. I love everything excpt the early hours (5am!). Baby Emmry June turned one May 6th and is a ball full of energy just like dad! Boogie: Our lovable bear passed away on May 29th. I'm sure he's saving us a nice shady place in heaven! We love you boy! Well that's the fam!