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Gender Male
Location Tucson, AZ, United States
Introduction I am a proud parent of 5 beautiful girls. Girl, Squirrel, Mittens, Lil' Bit, and Mizz Purrzzy, all of whom are very charming young ladies. Currently I am unemployed and live alone with my kids (kitties). I try to watch over and care for all the strays in my neighborhood. Right now 12 are under my care, 5 of which belong to my neighbor. One (Martian) which was abandoned by his owner over 2 years ago when he moved. Last, Tom who comes and goes. All except one have been spayed/neutered, with my neighbor “M” helping me. Along with a few others, making around 19 spay/neuters. All my kitties showed up as strays that decided to adopt me. My cats are indoors only, the other 7 are outside cats. When they showed up not one of them had a collar or a chip to identify them. Four of them wound up pregnant. So I figured that they were homeless and took them in. Three of my neighbors cats came up pregnant also, so I took them to the Humane Society to get adopted out. That is how I found out they were my neighbor's cats, when they all came back. I make no apologies if they do not care enough to collar/chip them or to spay/neuter, then how is anyone to know that they have a home.