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Introduction Five albums released in the 1990’s: Holy Intellect, Pure Poverty, Black Business, Killing U For Fun and The New World Order; three national and two world tours. Over a decade later, in 2007 – Wise Intelligent – front man of the critically acclaimed, Trenton, New Jersey based rap trio Poor Righteous Teachers releases The Talented Timothy Taylor – what was to many the most slept on album of its day, and lauded as the most lyrically strong album of his entire career; an extraordinary feat considering the incomparable lyrical assault unleashed on previous works. So how does an MC defy all Hip Hop logic by getting better as years pass, as opposed to becoming lyrically stale and irrelevant to what is now believed to be FRESH? Well, if wine gets better with age, Wise Intelligent is like “old wine in a new skin.” Since 2007, and The Talented Timothy Taylor’s entombing for 3 days, I mean 3 years – it is 2010 and The Talented Timothy Taylor has risen, resurrected in three days as The UnConkable Djezuz Djonez.