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Location Arizona, United States
Introduction Hi, I'm April. I'm a former desperate housewife and current conflicted working mom. But hey, the grass is always greener, right? I live in Arizona with my amazing husband, who after 17 years, three kids, 50 or so fluctuating pounds, several gray hairs and a few ups and downs later, still miraculously loves me. We are doing our best to raise three children to be confident, responsible and functional adults, and then get them the heck out of our house so we can start going to the movies again. I like warm chocolate chip cookies, celebrity gossip, rainy days, books, springtime and seeing the world. I dislike the Arizona summer, sneakiness, reptiles, green beans, folding laundry and non-aviators who wear aviator sunglasses. My life is not perfect, but I love it. This is my place to share my random thoughts, complaints, opinions and stories about our lives. Sit back, relax and get comfy. I tend to talk a lot.