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Introduction My name is Chuck Tromblee. I am retired, have two technical degrees and an MBA. I wrote under the name Ufonalyzer for two years in this blog. I decided to put some of my material into my new book, “Alien Radix”, and it is now available to be purchased on Amazon. Most UFO literature is “foundational.” It analyzes several major encounters repeatedly in great detail. Much of it seeks to prove that there is a government coverup. This blog and my book, “ALIEN RADIX” takes you beyond the introductory questions and provides some penetration beyond the typical UFO “foundational” material. The book is the only one that attempts to address the following: a) How many aliens are on earth? b) How many USA employees know of and work on the government cover-up? c) How many alien species are visiting earth? d) Provides physical descriptions of general alien characteristics based on sighting data. e) Shows why there may be a galactic federation of alien worlds. f) Proves that sightings of gray aliens are increasing decade after decade. g) Provides explanations of UFO propulsion and shapes.