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Gender MALE
Occupation Mind my own business
Introduction Hi, I'm my mama's boy Mango the Maltese kiddo. I live in Richardson, Texas, USA with my parents, my brothers Ximui and Chubs. I was born on September 6 2006. I'm 8 years old, yeah! I like to jump into the pool when nobody watching that prompts my dad to build a fence to keep me from doing such breathtaking action again. I love to lounge on the lawn listen to birds singing and breeze brushing my face and let the world turns.
Interests Eating, strolling the park, girl doggies, chewing electric cords (well, not anymore. My Mom took all away)
Favorite Movies Movies that have us doggies acting: Men in Black, There is something about Mary...
Favorite Books Books that have soft covers (so I can chew it easier!)