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Industry Education
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Location Florida, United States
Introduction Do you feel tired and frustrated? Are you busy yet bored? Do you need more time and energy? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. More than 70% of Americans report experiencing these symptoms, all of which fall under a broader category: Ennui- a deep sense of weariness and dissatisfaction with life. Ennui is caused by overindulgence, not in food or alcohol but in all the good things life has to offer. During my episode with ennui, I was a working wife and mother. I enjoyed my work, loved my family and wouldn’t have changed a thing, but I was tired and frustrated. I longed for adventure and excitement but didn’t have time to plan it nor energy to prepare for it. There was hardly time for a shower, much less adventure. I had no energy for excitement, no purpose for passion. I was stuck. So, I speak from experience when I tell you that I know what it’s like to have what you want but not have the two things that you need most; time and energy to enjoy it. I discovered that like most bullies, ennui flourishes in fear and darkness, so today I teach others how to beat ennui and conquer the dark side of having it all.
Interests work interests: Writing, photography, videography, web design, digital content creation and management. Leisure interests: Scuba diving, surf lessons, boating, fishing, swimming.
Favorite Books Non-fiction: Thunderstruck - Eric Larson, Ether Day- Julie Fenster, Shadow Divers- Robert Kurson

Are you tired and frustrated?