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Gender MALE
Industry Military
Occupation Retired
Location Pacific Northwest, United States
Introduction A Free Thinking, Scots-Irish, heterosexual, Christian homeschooling, gun owning, pro-life, politically incorrect male veteran... with INTENT TO BREED! In other words: A 'Neo' American "Enemy Combatant".
Interests Brokeback America, Ultralights, Flight Instruction, Photography, Politically Incorrect, Conspiracy, 9-11, Illegal Immigration, CPS, New World Order, Liberalism, Diversity, NeoCons, Abortion Industry, Family, Illuminate, Masonry, Mormonism, Cults, Gay Agenda, Bible Study, Zionism, Yahweh, Yeshua
Favorite Movies Killed my television five years ago.
Favorite Music Big hair 80s era!
Favorite Books Most anything that's been banned.

You're going to the moon! What did you forget to pack?

I would never try to compete with NASA... I'll leave the faking of moon landings to the professionals!