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Occupation Domestic Goddess
Location Washington DC Metro Area, United States
Introduction This blog is where health topics intersect with arts & crafts and food intersects with all-things-kids intersects with life stories...
Interests child rearing, getting baby fixes so I won't feel tempted to have more kids yet, cooking (sometimes), definitely not cleaning, art, all things crafty, reality tv
Favorite Movies Amistad, A Beautiful Mind, Cars, Dreamgirls, Emma, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Ghandi, All the Harry Potters, Jean de Florette, Les Miserables, Mrs. Doubtfire, Napoleon Dynamite, The Other Side of Heaven, Pursuit of Happyness, Saints and Soldiers
Favorite Music 80s Alternative pretty much, occasionally download songs I liked from SYTYCD, Idol, and suggestions from friends. I pride myself on being pretty eclectic in my music tastes.
Favorite Books Soft Spoken Parent, Number One Ladies Detective Agency, Secret Life of Bees, Harry Potter, anything Maya Angelou, and a bunch of others I can't think of right now

The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig:

Once upon a time there was a shaggy-haired frog who was 4 years old and took upon himself the job of cutting his own hair because his parents weren't making it happen soon enough. Alas, the result was the chemo therapy look. So his parents got out the buzzers and shaved the shag, and ever after, the frog wore his hair in a buzz. Sorry, this story doesn't have a wig in it.