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Location New England, United States
Interests Needlework crafts, walking in any kind of weather, my faith, family, friends, whatever strikes my fancy, and of course, my pets.
Favorite Movies Well, let's see. I grew up watching Disney movies and loved all the of the ones with Hayley Mills. I loved watching Shirley Temple movies on TV. We spent alot of time in the movie theaters and drive-ins watching all kinds of stuff. I screamed my way through "A Hard Days Night" for the first viewing and actually watched it for the second viewing. I loved Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Dr. Zhivago. I think Fred and Ginger were the best and the Marx Brothers were hilarious. I am still a romantic "good guys beat the bad guys" movie lover.
Favorite Books My senior thesis was on "Gravity's Rainbow".My favorite book, a question that is like "what's your favorite Christmas carol or candy to which the answer is "all of them", is a book I have read three or four times; "Around the World in Eighty Days". I remember where I was sitting in our house the first summer I read it. I think I've read "To Kill a Mockingbird" about as many times. I was an English Lit major and completely enjoyed reading the classics. I used to have all of Agatha Christie's mysteries, and now I like a cozy mystery the best.