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Introduction I have recently deconverted from theism to an atheism (default) position. I believe that this is the most honest position to maintain as it admits that no one can know for certain that god(s) exist. I confirm that atheism is not a world view, its a rejection of theistic claims based on a lack of evidence. The transition started in the latter part of 2009 with the help of a fellow blogger, A-Unicornist via facebook interaction. Previously, I was a hardcore conservative, evangelical that frequented Baptist and charismatic denominational churches. I encourage discussion on my blog and openly admit that I do not have all the answers and love to learn new things from anyone willing to teach me. Having said that, I do enjoy some fairly opinionated views on many topics so some controversy may arise. The title, atheist in the closet refers to the fact that most of my family is unaware of the change with the exception of, somewhat regrettably, my wife. She snooped in on a quasi debate I was having with a soon to be NT scholar and as a result, I told her that I was playing "Devils Advocate". Coincedentally, that was going to be the title of my blog but I have since changed it.