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Introduction Out of the Americas: The Homo sapien Peopling of the Old World An Archaeologically Grounded Genetic Assessment If we examine the data from the global genetic map, as revealed through the mtDNA and Y chromosome data, two ways of interpreting the results can be inferred. An additional synthesis is soon to emerge from ongoing work initiated by German Dziebel a graduate student at Stanford University. Working with Alvah Hicks we hope to reexamine the Out-of-Africa hypothesis by investigating an alternative, Out-of-the-Americas. Both seem consistent with the data but require different scenarios. Yet, ‘Out of the Americas’ has never been exercised, scientifically, leaving few, if any, of the parameters such a perspective holds, beyond the range of the “human origins” debate. We believe that it is very important that geneticists recognize that the data can be read consistently in two radically different ways. From our point of view, only one of the scenarios remains neglected. This position is capsuled in this short essay.
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