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Introduction MISSION • To recognize that readers/lovers of poetry are the "imaginary friends" of poets, and to continue the dialogue between poets and readers by publishing affordable, pamphlet-style poetry chapbooks. • To promote the well-crafted, socially relevant poetry of poets from a diverse array of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, who are working class and/or outside of academia, GLBTQ, feminist, politically and socially engaged, of non-mainstream organized religions, experimental, etc.; to ensure that such poets have a physical product with which to self-promote and legitimize their art. • To "pair" each IFP author with a more established poet of his/her choosing, whom we will solicit for an introduction (in the form of a poem, review, interview, or another form appropriate to a given work, to be printed in the chapbook) so as to provide emerging poets with an audience which transcends their primary circle of acquaintances and foster a literary community which is less hierarchical and more interactive.