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Introduction I love to cook. And I love trying out interesting new recipes. So much so, I rarely come back to the same recipe even though it was great. For me to come back to a recipe time and again, it has to be REALLY great. Those are the recipes I want to share on this blog - the really outstanding ones. The recipes I will share are not pretentious. For the most part they're pretty healthy - reasonably low in fat, calories and sodium. I post once per week, so if you sign up for email notification of new posts you won't get inundated, I promise. Enjoy!
Interests I'm a big city girl. I know that many food blogs are written by people who live on ranches or farms and I can never figure out how they have the time for a blog. Don't get me wrong, I like nature too - I just don't want to try to tame it or clean up after it. Give me a big city museum and a gajillion restaurants and I'm a happy girl. I currently split my time between big cities in the Midwest and the Southwest but I wish I lived in NYC.

If you could peer far enough into the night sky, you'd see a star in any direction you looked. When would you sleep?

As soon as possible. I love to sleep. The stars will still be there tomorrow.