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Location VA, United States
Introduction Fez is a rescued rabbit who came from a meat farm, rescued by the SPCA from terrible neglect and abuse. Fez came to us at only 1 lb. and 6 weeks old... and now he is 12 lbs. of trouble. He bonded at a young age to Abbey, who was rescued from a backyard where she was attacked by a dog, but she survived. Abbey is the pretty princess, and the Prime Disapprover. Norbert is also bonded with Abbey and Fez. Rescued as an adult along with Fez, Norbert still shows many signs of abuse. He is shy and frightened easily, but is strongly bonded to Fez, and loves to do huge binkies with he thinks no one is looking. Jack (the Queen) is a rehabilitated bunny-monster. When she arrived she was so frightened that she attacked anything that moved, and there are scars to prove it! Since then, she has developed special bond with Amy, but maintains supreme Royal Bunnitude. She lives on her own in her pen beside the other three bunnies. Follow their adventures and learn about these loving, intelligent creatures. All our rabbits have been rescued through Rabbit Rescue Inc. in Ontario, Canada.
Interests Running, binkying, flopping, chasing, troublemaking, getting treats, wreaking general havoc.
Favorite Books The yummy ones!!!