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Location Edgewood, New Mexico, United States
Introduction I am a Master identified lesbian. My slave and I have been together in in a 24/7 dynamic for 14years. This shows how patient she really is... I have written a book called "M/s for the Rest of Us." It is available here: I love discussing M/s in real life terms, not just the ones put out there by unrealistic, holier then thou, better then everyone people. We are real people living a real life, it involves mistakes, miscommunication, undone chores, and the experiment gone wrong. ie... playing with emergency candle wax. And neither I nor she will put out there that our flawed lives are any better then anyone else's!!!
Interests BDSM, M/s, leather leadership, queer and leather history, horses, dogs, reading, writing, hiking, teaching, mentoring, BDSM and leather skills and relationship models, a good meal, AEL, watching movies by the fire with my wife and slave
Favorite Movies Fiddler on the roof, Normal, Sounds of Music, Another Gay Movie, Unbreakable, All over the Guy, Breach, But I'm just a Cheerleader, The Secretary
Favorite Music world, country, R&B
Favorite Books I have written a book called "M/s for the Rest of Us." you can find it here: Stone Butch Blues, BDSM 1O1, Stonewall, The Loving Dominant, Sensuous Magic, The topping book, The bottoming book, To Love To obey To serve, Big Big love, Leatherfolk

If you would like answers to questions about leather, fetish, kink, or BDSM answered in my blog or privately please feel free to write me at : and be sure to put blog question in the subject line!!!