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Location Mid West, United States
Introduction I am an aging gamer who got his start while playing with plastic figures in the 50's as a child. With the help of his parents and brothers, this experience grew and transformed into formal gaming. Starting with my first board game, Avalon Hill's Africa Corps and following a progression through Dungeons and Dragons into historical miniatures. Currently gaming with close friends in the following periods of history, Ancient, Dark Ages, SYW, Pirates, FIW, AWI, American Civil War, Colonial Wars, Boxer Rebelion, WWI and WWII. I tend to support the underdog and look to see if I can 'change history' through our games. Beat the odds so to say. But loosing in a great game to your friends is better than winning at all costs. It is just a game and unlike the real world, no one will live or die on the results of our games. I have a deep respect for people of all nations and religious beliefs. Any comments and or references made in this blog will be made in the context of the period of history as relevant to the game being discussed and not as a derogitory remark. May the dice roll to your advantage. Greg