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Introduction Curly hair girls are KINKY! that I got your attention! My name is Rosie. I have been married for 32 1/2 ys. the easist man in the world to love! Kevin STILL does it for me! He is handsome, kind & he makes me laugh,PLUS he still gives me cold chills when he kisses me! We are the proud parents of 4 great kids, Shilo, Levi , Teisha & Starlee. It is hard not to be boastful when I talk about them! 3 of them have married very well & we love their spouses almost as much as our OWN children! My Grandbabies are my most precious gifts! don't get me started! But I will..1st our angel baby Shaylee, whom I hope to meet 1st when I get to heaven, Then my Gunner, who healed our hearts after Shay. Then Gavin, full of life & draggin the rest of us with him! Next our tiny Taya, so much sweetness packed in that tiny body! Then our Bella,if you looked up smart & bright beyond her 3 years, you would see her! Then our Arbor, beautiful, blue eyed, blond, ohh so friendly boy, who has none of Nana Rosie in him! last but NOT last I hope! our perfect little "TWINIES" Kailia & Paislee, 2 perfect, adorable, tiny little girls have we been blessed with! Sorry...but you asked!
Interests I love to camp with my honey in our travelin LOVE shack! I'll even fish if that's what I have to do to spend time with the man...Of course I don't bait the hooks & have been know to take out the portable DVD player in the canoe with him, while I pretend to fish! I LOVE to cook & craft. I have to give props to my daughters Shilo & Lyndsy, for draging me out of the 8o's & making me give up my country blue & mauve & tole painted stuff. I LOVE the vinyl lettering & the millons of possible ways they can be used, I also dig (opps that a bit of my 70's language comin out!) the blacks & clean colors. I still LOVE, LOVE, shabby chic, which I can't talk them in to sharing that with me.I still kind of miss the watermelon's & country stuff though... shhh don't tell my girls!
Favorite Music love Halloween & am not afraid to take that to the next extreme level to win a costume contest! Hey if I have to dress up as Elvis or a skunk for a 100 bucks so be it!
Favorite Books I love to get lost in a good Mary Higgins Clark book, but love to learn, with a Sherri Dew or Gorden B Hinckley book.

My pet peeve you ask? When people ASSUME Mormons(which I am & proud to be) are Polygamist!HELLO!That's not us! THAT's the FRLDS! My hubby, can bearly handle me,what the crap would he want another wife for!? I also dislike rude people & Utah haters! I say bloom where your planted!