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Occupation comic book artist, illustrator, tarot reader
Location Roma, Italy
Introduction ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: comic book artist+ illustrator+ cat lover + tarot reader+ puppet maker + cookie eater+tenderhearted pure lover+emotional cutie+ playful friend + openminded.. No artificial flavourings inside THERAPEUTIC DIRECTIONS: effective in small doses. Suitable for drawing illustrated book and comic books+Tarot reading+eating cookies. contemplating the wonders of nature+making wishes+counting the stars+sharing knowledge+ and Loosing control CONTRAINDICATIONS: Lunatic + Foresight + Hypersensitive + Acid out of the blue PRECAUTION FOR USE: Be honest, and I will be honest too + be respectable and kind or I will delete you + bring me sweets + imagine me with kitty ears + if I don t answer when you are talking to me, please call me louder..maybe I am lost in one of my dreamworlds.. HOW TO USE: one at time or all at once +Take me with a sweet meal or with a glass of almondmilk. If you have any questions or are not sure about anything, ask your doctor, pharmacist or contact me at: serypage.0labs@gmail.com serena effe on facebook