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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation Dictator
Location Manchester, Stretford, United Kingdom
Introduction I was all human at one time, tho i can't remember when that was exactly. I was born in Crewe in 1976, the year of the Dragon, and left when i was 21 to start life as a musician even tho i had absolutely no musical training at all. I did this by becoming a HipHop battle DJ after bein inspired when 17/18 by a film called "Juice" where a kid in Harlem uses his skills to smash local New York DJs and has a promisin' future. Unfortunately one of his bezzy mates is Tupac, who's thug life ambitions fuck it all up for him. Luckily i'm not mates with Tupac but i do know Rod Hotly! Manchester was perfect for me as within weeks of doin' a UK Final DMC dj battle i got work with a label called Grand Central as a DJ for whatever live projects they were doin' Mark Rae owned it and he was one of the judges at the battle. He told me i should've won it, and that (amongst other obvious things) was enough to make me quite my checkout operator job at Asda in Crewe (i came third by the way) I decided to take a break from Fingathing and now i'm a bit like Darth Vader, meaning i'm now more machine than man; i'm Parkertron. Currently workin'on solo, the Realdolls, Fingathing and DJ stuff
Interests Music, Girls, Fun, Video Games, creative stuff.
Favorite Movies Fist of the North Star, The Warriors, Rocky films apart from the last two, Ichi the Killer, Clash of the Titans, Gamera trilogy, Way of the Dragon, Akira, Fist of Fury, Dawn of the Dead original although the remake is really good, Big Lebowski, Up in smoke, Invincible Armour, Nightmare on, American Psycho, Escape from New York, Aliens, Commando
Favorite Music i'm influenced by pretty much everything in some way and it changes almost every single day!
Favorite Books Marvel comics, The doors of perception.