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Location Las Vegas
Introduction Alexis: Wife and stay at home Mom. Major Procrastinator. Afraid of my phone. Love Creating Things. Finally enjoying my domestic life (after fighting it for so long). And I could disappear in a book. Casey: Full of love and light. Enjoys his multiple ever evolving hobbies. Cuts wood. Super funny. Enjoys naps (barf) can make Ginger laugh way better than I can. Watches the most boring shows on television. Ginger: Happy baby. Eat, sleeps, Poos terrifically, has a great set of lungs, Fake coughs so you will say "bless you Ginger!" So I guess she loves being blessed. Turns into a pumpkin if she doesn't get her nap. Selfish with her kisses. Does not comprehend that Moses is just not that into her. Moses: 4lb chihuahua. Lies about having to go potty. Sits on your shoulder when you drive (think Parrot). Codependent. Sits on the tub when I shower. Chases the vacuum.
Favorite Movies We like to rent Redbox movies because they are a dollar a day, then return them 2 weeks later for 14 dollars. Frugal is our middle name. Shameless reality show addicts.
Favorite Music If it's good, we love it, there's no discriminating. Except Ginger, she prefers lullaby's over the sound of fake rain.
Favorite Books Anything by C.S Lewis and "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho sealed our fate as lovers. Dont worry I can get cheesier if you'd like.