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Gender MALE
Location Asheville, NC, United States
Interests reading good books, traveling with an open mind, asking good questions, learning my family's history, developing critical thinking skills, getting adequate sleep, eating my wife's cooking, researching topics on the Net, keeping in touch with family and friends, lying down on the sofa and watching basketball games or crime shows, getting a soothing massage, watching Queen videos or concert footage, eating sushi, dancing spontaneously, giving a surprise to someone, debating people on various topics, shaving my head, playing a good game of badminton, living simply or consciously
Favorite Movies Dead Poets Society, Cinema Paridiso, Good Will Hunting, Mona Lisa Smile, I Am Sam, Dirty Dancing, The Matrix, Akeelah and the Bee, Loggerheads, The Clearing, Jordan, The Notebook, The Cider House Rules, Love Actually, Hotel Rwanda, A Beautiful Mind, Reign Over Me, An Unfinished Life, Fracture, The Shining, Score, Training Day, In the Name of the Father, October Sky, Strangers, Billy Eliot, Sophie's Choice, Into the Wild, Presumed Innocent, Gran Torino, Terminator, Point Break, Hide and Seek, A Few Good Men, Nighthawks, Fletch, Arlington Road, Revolutionary Road
Favorite Music Queen, George Strait, Black Eyed Peas, Aerosmith, Donna Summer, Billy Joel, Kylie Minogue, Elvis Presley, Tracy Chapman, Hank Williams, Jr., Diana Ross, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson
Favorite Books Jump Start Your Brain, 1984, The Art of a Leader, Seduction, Simplify Your Life, Asian Mystique, A Pirate Looks at Fifty, Chomsky for Beginners, Huey Long, Fast Food Nation, Age of Reason, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, The Death of Ivan Illyich, Holocaust, Stalin: Court of the Red Tsar, Lew Alcindor, Intelligence, Man Against Himself, Bertrand Russell and His World, Seven Days That Shook the World, Robert Ingersoll, Amusing Ourselves to Death, Prejudice, Culture Shock, The Book of Positive Quotations, Was Gandhi a Christian?, What Should I Do With My Life?, Power, How to be Idle, Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar, The Gift of Fear, America's Brutus, Why Good People Do Bad Things, The Russians, The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness, In Search of Bill Clinton